The Baretta Gets and Estoril For Christmas!

So I have wanted a custom exhaust for my Baretta since the day I got it. The baretta is a real solid feeling moped and its classic 1978 styling:) Anyway I like the baretta and want to make it a good reliable moped so maybe I can start riding it to work in the spring. The custom Estoril exhaust is made for a Tomos a35, so It didnt exactly fit right on. I knew this was going to be a fabrication mod from the first day I saw the pipe, and thought I could make it work. I started by flipping the mope upside down to get a better look at what I was doing, then I carefully began trying to dremmel the exhaust manifold holes so they would line up with my current ones. Once this was done I also ground out some of the weld so the bolts would lock the exhaust in place. This did’nt work…… so after a quick trip to home depot, I was in buisness. I replaced the exhaust studs with 10mm hex bolts. This seemed to work great. The next step was to remove the centerstand as The exhaust renders it useless 😦 PUSH STARTS FOR ME) Once this was gone I bolted the exhausts rear mounting plate to my stock exhaust mount. Thats when this job got real fun, the original exhaust mont was cracked and about to break off from rust and what looks like a stress in the weld. So back to home depot I found a metal plate and drilled some holes in it. This became My new mount for the rear exhaust, Eventualy I will weld one sid of this to the frame, But my wife would kill me if I came home with a welder this christmas instead of a christmas tree:)! Here are som e pics of the baretta, I am waiting on tires, a carburetor, and a sleeve kit from seattle mopeds, so we will see in a week or so where I am at. Ps I dont know what Kind of clearance issues I am going to have until I get the wheels and tires back?



snv10111.jpgTop secret crate Pug Motor, Imported from China!!!!


About J Jones

mopeds suck, but I am addicted. Datsun 510 Suck harder, But I am addicted. Heroin is amazing but I can never find any......
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  1. brendan says:


    fix yer shit

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