Moped parts have arrived!!!

So I finally got all my moped parts in order. I am really happy. The dellorto carb I had on order didnt come in so I upgraded and bought a dellorto 19mm which should work better with the polini kit anyway. Here are some pics of my sweet new gear. I will be using the exhaust header as the intake arm. Happy pedding!!!! I think This bike is going to LA, but we will see.




About J Jones

mopeds suck, but I am addicted. Datsun 510 Suck harder, But I am addicted. Heroin is amazing but I can never find any......
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One Response to Moped parts have arrived!!!

  1. terrydean says:

    better get that thing put together and start breaking it in if you’re taking it to la! haha
    awesome stuff! i’m jealous. i need to figure out what i want to do about a carb.

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