Long Overdue Update!


So Here are pictures of my finished Baretta 44 a. The Baretta is alot quicker than I expected, yet tuning the carb has been a huge frustration. I took this moped to LA and spent a decent amount of time tuning the carb. But because of climate change from LA to Seattle The carb is all out of wack again. I am close to haveing it dialed in again. I have no Idea what the top end is on this yet, but I know I am pushin low 40’s now, and thats without proper carb tuning. The top end floods out and if I hold it wide open throttle it actually bogs….to much gas!


About J Jones

mopeds suck, but I am addicted. Datsun 510 Suck harder, But I am addicted. Heroin is amazing but I can never find any......
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