The Blow Hole makes it first full voyage!

peugeot 103 blowhole edition!So last night was epic for me and my bike. For about a year now I have been tuning, wrenching, blowing up, slipping, sliding, and so on. Finally last night the Pug made a good 20 mile ride with no problems. To date I have to thank a few people for there help with this bike.: Master tuner and all things french, Naz (Michael Mike), My friend Casey G, Dean at Seattle Mopeds for letting me use the moped shop several times to continually rebirth this bike, and special thanks to treatshq for draining my bank account! Anyway with that said the pug is really great and tons of fun to ride, It still needs some top end tuning and such but other than that it feels solid. I am running an er3 variator and a clutch pulley as well at this point so I don’t have to worry about disintegrating clutches any longer.peugeot varitator setup To date this bike has received:
Powdercoating Job 150.00
Malossi bottom end 150.00
Malossi stroker crank 100.00
New bearings & seals twice 50.00
Ninja g3 150.00
Doppler Crank 120.00
clutch pulley 200.00
malossi Varitop 150.00
New tires and tubes 60.00
New everything else cables, levers, and headlight. 50.00
Chain 35.00
Original cost of the bike 300.00
Gilardoni Kit 160.00
Malossi cast iron kit that I blew holes in 120.00
Malossi head 50.00
Ignition 100.00
So yup french bikes cost a lot to make fast and reliable. Lesson learned. Time to start another one! Ps this doesnt include the other 120.00 in pistons I roasted. whatever! This has been spread out over two years, so I didnt even notice the money fleeing my pocket.

Monza update soon to come! (it runs)


About J Jones

mopeds suck, but I am addicted. Datsun 510 Suck harder, But I am addicted. Heroin is amazing but I can never find any......
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One Response to The Blow Hole makes it first full voyage!

  1. Travis says:

    I owe you two dollars sir.

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