Mopeds Are All Go For Launch.

So I got myself some sweet Vacation this last week. I spent most of it biking around some private resort called Sun River pissing off old ladies for not staying on the bike paths, whatever.
Anyway I also used some of my free time to get on-top of my moped problems. The pug’s clutch pulley was shot (and I kind of disliked it to be honest) so I traded it for some ebr’s and some shop work possibly. I spent the better half of Saturday rebuilding my old pug clutch and variator. It originally had some problems that would cause the bike to eat through clutches in about a week. The inner cheek was fairly well warped so I snagged a new one and pieced it all together. After that I spent a good amount of time changing variator weights and tuning. The bike runs better than it ever has and seems to be reliable enough (and fast).
Next was the Puch Monza , this bike still needs some work but runs ok, I messed with the jetting for about an hour and had a decent amount of success getting what I wanted from it. The next step for this bike is to install a aftermarket clutch spring that my friend Phil was nice enough to give me. This should help with my clutch chatter issues at takeoff.
I cant remember a time I had both my bikes running so well. It gives me a new dilema infact because I don’t know which one to ride now……

In other news I also have been piecing together a magnum. I have always wanted one since I saw Dean and Brendan’s mini magnums. I purchased a frame for a rather good deal on ebay, and also have a tank on the way for a not so good deal but whatever. Whenever I build a bike from the ground up I always like to clean things. I have found that scrubbing bubbles tile and shower cleaner is great for cleaning the grime off of most mopeds, and it smells better than carb cleaner in the house too.magnum cleaning This will be my new project bike, I will post more about it in the weeks to come, there is no deadline for this bike, so I am just going to take my time and enjoy it. So far for this bike I have acquired:
puch maxi ebr’s
Magnum frame
headset junk
Snowflake rims
tomos streetmate rear shocks
petcocks and all those goodies
some decent tires
and a bunch of weird stuff
the wheels are going to be getting sealed bearings and new brakes for my first project. Updates to come.


About J Jones

mopeds suck, but I am addicted. Datsun 510 Suck harder, But I am addicted. Heroin is amazing but I can never find any......
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  1. Scrubbing bubbles? Good idea!

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