Bye Bye monza :( you where a worthy lover.

So today a good friend of mine came and picked up the puch monza for an undisclosed price. He knows a fair amount about these bikes and will treat it well. The long and short of it is I have a few to many bikes and may be losing my garage space soon, on top of that I need the money for our new car and the fact that I would like to move into a house soon. Ever seen a datsun 51o wagon with a ka24de swap? I am now speaking nissan/datsun and I wanted this car bad enough to lay the monza to rest to buy it.

The monza is a rare bike indeed, but they are plentiful in Europe, parts are a pain in the butt to locate, and between the fear of breaking it and the fear of dumping it, I decided it was in better hands this way. I am a bad moped collector some might say, I have bought, traded, owned and sold over 8 bikes since I started mopeding about a two years ago. The list in order:

kinetic tfr

minarelli baretta 44 bought for 50$

Peugeot 103 (My Baby)

Honda hobbit (never road worthy)

Tomos Streetmate (Later converted to Streetmate se) originally traded for for baretta 44

Monza (traded for the streetmate) crazy deal for sure!

Puch Mini Magum

Moby  (gave to Tagen, didnt run)

So up to how you look at it I only really payed 50 dollars for a monza in the grand scope of things. So I felt passing it off to a friend for a fair price was the right thing to do. Plus this way I still get to ride it every once in a great while 🙂 The 1 bike I will never sell is the pug, I think the only thing that might cause me to even dismantle this bike is if I found a pug tsm frame for it. Either way I love mopeds, and now have money to buy some wheels. So I now own the magum mini, the pug, and a wreck of a maxi project I might finish just to have a race bike. Ps here are some pics of the car I have been scoping, its my firend Nick Overdicks….yes that’s his real name.


About J Jones

mopeds suck, but I am addicted. Datsun 510 Suck harder, But I am addicted. Heroin is amazing but I can never find any......
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4 Responses to Bye Bye monza :( you where a worthy lover.

  1. westseattleryan says:


  2. Do you have any smaller pictures? I can’t get that one to fit my screen.

  3. Ian T says:

    shame shame shame

  4. Cpt. F says:

    biggest mistake you’ve ever made

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