The Holiday Season.

Rachel and I just got back from Portland on Tuesday night. It was an awful drive that I wouldn’t want to revisit. The rain was the worst I have seen it in a long time making for very slow driving. On the up side this was the 510’s longest trip to date, she ran like a champ! On the way down we even averaged 29 miles per gallon. The 510 is a bit dirty from the trip! I added a wreath this winter for Xmas spirit!

Rachel has been hard at work on some little monster stuffed animals for friends at work the last few days. They are a lot of work but sure are funny and cute.I think Rachel is going to try and make some different designs soon. I am hoping she will make me one with two heads and a tail.

We spent Xmas with Rachel’s family in Portland this year. I have never seen so much Norwegian food in my life. The food was tasty and Norwegians drink almost as well as the Irish so I felt right at home! My favorite part of Christmas dinner was when Rachel’s 90 Year old Grandma slammed back a shot of aqvavit (I think that’s Norwegian for gasoline). I also swapped android phone nerd knowledge with Rachel’s mom which was a blast.

Happy New Year!


About J Jones

mopeds suck, but I am addicted. Datsun 510 Suck harder, But I am addicted. Heroin is amazing but I can never find any......
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2 Responses to The Holiday Season.

  1. Ian says:

    loving the wolf/chains t-shirt!

  2. trina says:

    Those ugly dolls remind me of the ones Sully makes. Pretty cute. If she keeps making them you can make your own Army. Who needs MA when you can have an army of dolls!

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