I forgot I had this blog, kinda

Yup, I suck at blogging. I would post more but my life has become dull. So much has happened in the past 8 months I dont know where to start. So goign with the idea that less is more I will simply post a picture.I have decided that more posts with shorter and less content will make my blog more interesting. So here goes it. I will try to post some thing new and fun at least once a week from now until January 1st. If I fail I will delete this waste of cyberspace. You have my Word.

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Maybe the worst luck on the Face of the planet.

So I am not usually  a superstitious person but the last month or so has been vehicular hell for me. My moped exploded into my leg and left me with 1000 dollar med bill, and my new datsun 510 was totaled on St Patricks days by some stupid @$%&$! Anyway this is what a 510 wagon looks like when it gets hit from behind at 30mph. I am know fighting with insurance companies to get money put of my car and for my back injury bills. Whatever….  The car is a total loss as far as the insurance is concerned, The body is a total loss as far as I am concerned. The rear of the car is buckled hard, normally the body is straight this picture below is what a bad widebody kit might look like on a 510, but instead its just my screwed up car 😦Anyway, that kinda sucks, but I found a new wagon and will be buying this one back for parts. On the moped side of things stuff is about the same. The puck magnum runs great and the pug is in time out until I get the cash to fix it. My garage looks like a vehicle cemetery at the moment. Cheers!

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The pug hurt more than just my feelers this time….

As some of you know I have a slight love, hate relationship with my black Peugeot 103 moped. I love this bike, even now as I write on pain killers and sits broken in my garage it is still my favorite moped.  So Monday night I decided to ride the “Moby Dick” as I have now named her. She was fast, this is by far one of the fastest bikes if not the fastest that I have owned. To build a bike like this takes some level of mechanical skill, fabrication, and stupidity. Unfortinantly the last part seems to have finally caught up with me on Monday night. about half way through the ride we all took ofF from a light, about 30 seconds later my variator nut spun off, allowing my crank to snap clean off the motor. Then it got horrific, the crank is attached to a 7 pound hunk of aluminum, steel, and graphite called a varitator. This component shot directly into my leg at full revs and then after that shot down the street like a mexican pin wheel. I didn’t crash and was lucky. After pulling Over I dropped my bike and assessed the damage to my body. My leg hurt real bad, and I felt like I was gonna blow chunks. So my friend Seth went and got me some water. Soon after I looked at my leg and realized I was in a bit of pain. I will let the pics do the rest of the talking. Either way I have to say thanks to all my friends for helping me out Monday, especially Tagen for giving me and my bike a ride to the hospital and then back to my garage.  Enjoy the pics!

This is the variator,  the variator part was actually fine,  ist the whole clutch pack that is destroyed and gone, Ps these don’t normally have a nifty carrying handle 🙂

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Stupid Cold, D&D, Mopeds, and the pug life.

I am sick sauce so I was unable to ride moped monday last night.  Instead I spent a good part of the night on my couch drinking shots of NYQUIL and reading 510 forums, D&D,  and my fav Moped forums.

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Riding mopeds and Seattle…

To say I have got into a sort of moped riding funk is a slight understatement. I ride my mopeds here and there, and sometimes to work in Edmonds a good  amount, just not like I used too. The weather plays into affect a  little but when we have had such a nice winter I don’t know what to say. Well I will say this, I have got to start riding my bikes, I miss them very much and all my moped gang whom I have seem to neglected for the past two months. I vow to ride to moped monday, rain or shine……but most likely rain.

On another note:

My Peugeot  is leaking again, this makes me super sad as I have spent most of my moped life trying to tame this beast. So I have decided the easiest fix is to order a new 103 frame from 1977 and have My friend Phil powder coat it up for me at his new shop. This of course is not the cheapest option since the frame alone costs about 160 dollars to ship plus the cost of powder coating. So I will have to wait a until next month for this. Until then I am going to dismantle the Pug and see if there is some way I can weld up the frame. The problem is that it is brazed, and from what I have seen brazing doesn’t like to be redone. The leak is also at a weird seam in the frame so I don’t know that it can actually be fixed. 😦 “Yeah after typing that I have realized it is just going to be easier to buy a new frame.”

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Beard and Mustache Thing

So you might have noticed my beard has gotten very large, or maybe you have not noticed because you have not seen me in the last 7 months. Either way I am trying to win myself and some children some sweet goodies by growing my beard to magnificent proportions. If you have ever said to yourself “hey Josh Jones has a huge beard that is very wonderful, magnificent and makes Howie Mandel go into a panic attack ” Here is your chance to respond! Please blow a dollar if you have one to help me win Beard Musache Fest and donate to  great cause, or just check out my sweet pic!

Please go Here and vote on my beard!

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Puch Magnum Mini (too mini)?

So I completed the magnum this week and it runs like a champ!. So well infact that I am considering molesting it already with a ktm clutch for more fun. Either way the bike is a lot of fun and does exactly what I expected it to do. The only down side is that it might be a bit to mini for my taste. I thought I wanted one of the smallest puchs in town but after a good long solo ride Saturday I decided this might be a bad Idea. Something with the ergonomics of this bike doesn’t fit right. I am going to cover the seat with neoprene in a week or so as to give my toosh some squish, But aside from that I may raise it up with longer front and rear shocks. I also have stock red side covers coming for it from ebay.   Either way I will ride it for a while like this and see if I just get use to it. Turning this bike also feels a bit strange because of its size so we will see what the future holds for my little red friend.

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