Oh man I suck at bloggin, that’s it.

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Baby Baby Baby.

Rachel and myself have been moving through life at warp 9 the last few weekends. The due date for the baby is October 23rd giving us just 20 days to prepare for what could be the most life changing willing decision we have ever made. I mention to Rachel on Saturday when we where at DECIBEL FESTIVAL that I could imagine our baby inside her belly spinning fake records upside down. We still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl but I find it funny/annoying how people ask if we know yet. In my mind I am always thinking “does it look like we know yet” but whatever people are funny.

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So Much is Happening!

So if you have not heard the news yet, Rachel has a bun in the oven. That’s right, Rachel is going to have a baby which implies that we will then have a baby……. So with this news our life decisions have already begun to change. The First thing we did was buy a newer car (I am keeping the 510 so don’t freak out). After a lot of searching and and driving we found this boxy thing which is supposed to be safe and real good for Baby Jones.

Now I can pursue my dream of living my life a quarter mile at a time……….

Rachel also came home with some friends this weekend. We have wanted chickens for a while now, I loved deviled eggs and Rachel eats an egg a day.

Tofu and I will try our best not to eat them even though they look tasty. I named this one Falcore even though It’s a girl.
Lastly I as usual have been addicted to all things tofu(our dog). She and I went and played in the only bit of sun I have seen in months this week. Here are some photos of our adventure.

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The Holiday Season.

Rachel and I just got back from Portland on Tuesday night. It was an awful drive that I wouldn’t want to revisit. The rain was the worst I have seen it in a long time making for very slow driving. On the up side this was the 510’s longest trip to date, she ran like a champ! On the way down we even averaged 29 miles per gallon. The 510 is a bit dirty from the trip! I added a wreath this winter for Xmas spirit!

Rachel has been hard at work on some little monster stuffed animals for friends at work the last few days. They are a lot of work but sure are funny and cute.I think Rachel is going to try and make some different designs soon. I am hoping she will make me one with two heads and a tail.

We spent Xmas with Rachel’s family in Portland this year. I have never seen so much Norwegian food in my life. The food was tasty and Norwegians drink almost as well as the Irish so I felt right at home! My favorite part of Christmas dinner was when Rachel’s 90 Year old Grandma slammed back a shot of aqvavit (I think that’s Norwegian for gasoline). I also swapped android phone nerd knowledge with Rachel’s mom which was a blast.

Happy New Year!

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Bored and Broke

So after being snowed in for 4 days and watching over 40 hours of tv Rachel and I began to get cabin fever. We decided the best way to fix this was to search the house for something fun to do. I found my bb~guns in the basement dusted them off and decided this would be good for killing at least an hour of our day. We dressed up and killed some beer cans as fashionably as possible.

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New title for the Blog and a rant about grammar.

So after some thought My wife and I both decided to change the name of the blog and some of the focus. You will not not only be able to read about how to bake moped engines in the oven but also how to make random food, sewing projects, and weird organic gardening tips. Let the fun begin!
Rant: should it be called Joneses or Jones’s ?????

Ps this is what we looked like for Halloween!

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Tron Please

There are two things that I really enjoy in life when combined. Cool stuff that moves quickly, and rad music. This film has both plus one of the best actors of all time (Jeff Bridges). Whom I am also really into.


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